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Vegan activist group: climate change: animal rescue

The Love Gang Warriors are an extension of Love Gang Store. As warriors we aim to kick ass at saving the planet. Whether that's getting together to clean the local shelters, organising food banks or out protesting in the streets. We have the right message at heart and really do just want to help towards making our planet a better place for all beings. Join us on our journey to love, spread awareness and ultimately use our warrior powers to put an end to cruelty.

Plant based Bourguignon with roasted parsnips and potatoes

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VEGAN Meatball sub sandwich recipe! Find out how to make it on the Youtube video below.  

Try our VEGAN, gluten free brownie recipe. Follow the Youtube video below.


The Love Gang Warriors have been busy working with a group of volunteers to help get the hard work done over at Adopt a Spanish Kitty Shelter in Los Barrios. Our volunteers contributed heaps when it came to the nitty gritty parts of cutting the hedge through spall spaces in the fence. We also had two wonderful volunteers who worked their butts off to paint the inside of one of the cat enclosures.  A successful first event for The Love Gang Warriors, with a lot of kitty kisses to go along with it! We look forward to working with the shelter again, and to seeing all the wonderful volunteers who made this day a great experience. 

The Love Gang Warriors have taken to the streets to help promote the message of Veganism! We have had some amazing conversations with some great people. It inspires us to inspire others. Keep on spreading the message of kindness!  

The Love Gang Warriors have been back at it at Adopt a Spanish kitty! This time round we managed to get even more DIY work completed with the help of our wonderful volunteers. We hope to return soon to put our handy skills to work. 

Love Gang Warriors are always looking for volunteers to join us at our street demonstration to help spread the vegan message! Keep an eye out for our future street demo events.  


A mother’s loss

A heartfelt poem by Tara Lucas that any kind of mother can relate to. 

Go Vegan, caged chickens.


A poem by Tara Lucas, helping us see through the eyes of those behind bars. 

Dedicated to the 10,000 chickens who were murdered on the M25 in St Albans on October 1st. Activists tried to save them as they were no longer "fit for human consumption" after the crash, but police didn't let them go.

Thanks to activist Earthangeljacqueline for everything she did to save these lives, and good luck to the baby she manged to rescue. For updates and videos follow her Instagram page. 

Rest in peace little ones, you're free from the terrors of this world. Sorry for what our race put you through. 

The truth about volunteering with lions

Read all about how Lucy Stewart was very convincingly led to believe she was working with a conservation charity when all along it was a scam. She now works to raise awareness of this issue and do her bit in anyway she can. Whether that be fundraising or putting her own hands to work and cleaning up our beaches! 

I had a daughter 

An eye opening piece of poetry from our very own Love Gang Warrior Tara Lucas.

How I used Mindfulness to find my empathy and be at one with Nature

This piece by Amber Petrova takes you on a beautiful journey of how she found empathy and became one with nature.

What is it like to be one of the lads, then turn vegan?

Being surrounded by a world completely unaware of the issues but fighting to make a difference!

An introductory guide to vegan beauty by ethical fashion blogger Melissa Watt.

Including all the do's and don't when it comes to vegan beauty.

With a helpful non-vegan ingredients list, this is sure to make shopping vegan beauty feel like a breeze.

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