The truth about bullfighting

Heather Faulkner

Even with lock down restrictions, bullfights are still going ahead. 

So, we can't for dinner, but we CAN all gather around to watch a bull be tortured & killed. 

Some Spanish citizens and councils still believe that this barbaric blood bath is part of their heritage and culture and are trying to keep hold of it as something that helps to define Spanish tradition.

How can anyone enjoy watching this torture? It’s a pure act of ego and evil. The fact is that 90% of the tourists who go along to tick this off the “things to do in Spain” list, never go back. And its no surprise as it’s a pretty horrific thing for anyone to witness.

Let’s have a closer look at this barbaric “tradition”.

The reality is that the bull has no chance of surviving. He’s killed either way, whether he “wins” or not, in a “fight” that he doesn’t even want to be in.

Firstly, he’s drugged with tranquilizers, has petroleum jelly rubbed into his eyes to blur his vision.

His horns are shaved down, this is so that even if he were to go for the matador, his angle would be off because the horns are not the size the bull thinks they are. Then he’s locked into a dark room with weights around his neck for a day or two to mess with his sight even more so before being released into the ring in broad daylight. His respiratory system is also interfered with by putting cotton into his ears and shoving wet newspaper up his nostrils. All of this before the “fight” even starts.

The bull is then brought into the ring in front of a crowd to “entertain” them by being tormented, tortured, and eventually killed. But sadly, it’s not even as quick as that.

In the ring it's three against one, and the one isn’t even at his fittest. To top it off, IF he was to “win” he’s killed regardless.

The bull, in his weak defenseless state is charged at by three men on horses who tire him out. Charging at him, making him run around until he can no longer move. He can’t even lay on the floor because the night before they have rubbed an acidic solution into his legs to prevent him doing so, because... hey what’s a good show if he’s just laid down right?  

The men on horses stick pica’s (A dagger like weapon, 6-8 inches long and 2 inches thick) into his neck which is painful for the bull and they cut into veins, arteries, and nerves. They move these around as much as possible to make a huge wound ensuring the bull loses a significant amount of blood to be even weaker. He can no longer lift his head and can no longer charge. They run around him to make him dizzy and he’s now on the ground, in enormous amounts of pain.


Finally, the trumpet is sounded, meaning that it's time to end his life. Unfortunately, it’s still not over.  The main matador comes with a sword and thrusts this into the main artery of the bull. This doesn’t kill them a lot of the time, so they then use a dagger to cut the spinal cord. If they still don’t succeed, the bull is dragged out of the ring by horses, still alive and paralyzed to be killed out of sight of the crowd…. As somehow, only that part is too gory to see…


The 1 million Euro put aside to revamp this bullring and keep this “tradition” alive could be used for so many other things.

There’s not much we can do about the past and old traditions, but we can grow and learn and make new ones. I think most people would agree that this is barbaric and belongs in the past. In some places its already been banned and the bullrings are used for concerts and exhibitions.


In history we found it acceptable to rape and murder other humans, use them as slaves, treat them like objects. But we have evolved and grown. We have more compassion and understanding for others.

You can help by educating people on the truth behind bullfighting. Don’t support this torturous “tradition”, and protest when you can. It is far from "glamorous", "artistic" or "courageous" which is how it's still marketed to be. 

Lets just leave these magnificent creatures to live their lives and admire them from a different view. 

Thanks for caring, we can make a change together.


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