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Meet Agustin - The Vegan Vet

Saving the animals like a badass! 

Agustin Gonzalez is a Vegan Vet who opened his own practice in Malaga, Southern Spain.

Being the only vet in the area that will care and tend to any animal, the authorities and people of Malaga constantly bring him injured wildlife.

The first question other vets would ask is "who will be paying for this?". If the answer is no-one, then the animal wouldn't be seen to.

Agustin does his job with passion from the heart which is why his clinic is constantly filled with seagulls, pigeon's, and other local birds along with street cats and dogs needing care. Vegan for the animals, Agustin is the organiser of many bull fight and animal abuse protests.

Bird is the word  

Around 3-4 birds are taken to the clinic a day. 

Agustin is treating them, caring for them until they're better and then setting them free. 

Check out the full story by clicking "See story". 

Also in this story:

- Tips to helping your local wild birds

- Pigeon shot makes a recovery 

- There's a mystery unsolved and it involves a lot of seagulls 

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Miguel's Story

Miguel was found on the streets of Malaga with one leg completely broken and septic.

Someone managed to catch him and take him to Agustin.

Go to Miguel's story to find out what happened.... and don't worry, its a HAPPY ending for this little fella.

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The Impact of masks! 

Its been a strange year for all of us. Covid has impacted the loves of all of us.

Job's have suffered, families have been apart. Sadly some have been destroyed. We can't seem to see when this is going to be over. Will it ever be? 

But what impact are we having on the rest of the planet already? 

What happens with your mask after using it? 

Check out the story to see what you can do. 

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Abandoned "pet" Vietnamese pigs in Spain brought to Spain and left in the wild

These pigs were brought to Spain to be pets until they started breeding and the owner had enough.

Check out the full story.

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Being a vet 

Being a vet has it's ups and downs but Agustin works with passion from the heart for any animal.

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Rescuing the strays 

Street cats and dogs are brought into the clinic by locals and authorities. 

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Protecting nature

Many of the animals brought to Agustin's practice are wild birds who need constant care for rehabilitation before being set free back into the wild. 

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