Covid - The impact of masks

Heather Faulkner

Did you know that your throwaway mask will break down into microplastics that will get ingested by fish and other sea animals? (Then guess who eats the fish?).
You may forget about your mask it as soon as you’ve thrown it away, but the planet doesn’t. Your disposable face mask will take up to 450 years to degrade and completely disappear from the environment.
That’s a pretty long time eh?
Imagine we all wear just one disposable mask a week?.....That's 405,600,000,000 masks EVERY YEAR! All that will last for 450 years...
Please use a sustainable reusable mask.
This problem is already massive, and this is just the beginning... lets learn and act before its too late.
Thank you to Agustin for saving any animals taken to them, mainly wild animals who no one is paying for, but you care anyway, you give your time and heart and we are forever grateful your efforts.
You can help by donating to the Banos del Carmen Vet clinic. 
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