Agustin - The Vegan Vet

Heather Faulkner

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear hoodies, and other wear scrubs.
Agustin Gonzalez is one in the minority of vegan vets. Only around 3% of vets are actually vegan, which seems odd as they save animals all day then go home and eat other animals... hmm okay. 
Agustin opened his own practice in Malaga, Southern Spain. Being the only vet in the area that will care and tend to any animal the authorities and people of Malaga constantly bring him injured wildlife. 
The first question other vets would ask is "who will be paying for this?". If the answer is no-one, then the animal wouldn't be seen to. 
Agustin does his job with passion from the heart which is why his clinic is constantly filled with seagulls, pigeon's, and other local birds along with street cats and dogs needing care. 
We will be documenting Agustin and his amazing work.
Come back to check out what he's been up to!

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