Miguel's story

Heather Faulkner

Look at this face, JUST LOOK AT IT!


This little beauty was living on the streets of Malaga with his paw so infected that it was risking his life.
Luckily someone found him, he was completely wild and not used to being handled but his finder managed to catch him and took him to Agustin's clinic. Unfortunately there was no hope for little Miguel to keep his paw in the state it was in. 
The vet Agustin, had to amputate his paw as it was totally unworkable. Fortunately Miguel's surgery went well, as did his recovery but
Agustin decided to kept him in the clinic for a week to keep an eye on him whilst he looked for a suitable new family for little Miguel. 
During his time with Agustin and the other staff members, Miguel started to gain trust with people and began to enjoy being stroked and cuddled. 
Once Miguel recovered, it was time for him to meet his new forever family. His treatment at the vets was finally over and he able go to live his life, albeit 3 legged, but healthy and happy.
He liked his new family the day he met them and they were over the moon to take him in.... Good luck little warrior!!!... Agustin and the team will miss you... Your rescuers are proud!


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