Growing and regrowing your own veg

You don’t need a garden or an allotment to grow your own veggies

Its ok watching all the “how to” youtubers, but if you don’t have the space then its hard to grow your own right?.. wrong!

There are still plenty of ways you can save and grow. All you need is an area in your home that has light and warmth. A windowsill is perfect.

So, let’s do this cheaply, ahem, I mean… sustainably.

We will start with leeks, a great veg perfect for soups, stews & wintery dishes.

Like many vegetables, if you take the end of a leek and keep it in water, it will regenerate into another, or should I say the same leek, again. Make sense? Great!

We made a short video to show you. 

Keep the leek in water. You can either eat it when you are ready, or once it has grown bigger, plant that in a tub of soil so it can grow even bigger. If you do have garden space, you could move it there.

The same can be repeated for a number of veggies:






Bulb Fennel




Lets avo'go at another shall we? 

Another easy one, it's not really going to be producing you food any time soon & they might take years to fruit if they decide to at all. However they make a lovely plant either way and its a lovely project to do, also great for the kids to get involved and see the magic happen. 

Take the seed from the avocado once you’ve opened it to eat it.

Place 3 or 4 tooth pics just above the middle of the seed. Make sure you can differentiate between the top & bottom. The top is pointier, and the bottom is flatter.

Place it in a glass or jar with the top of the seed out of the water, the rest dipping into the water.

You can peel the seed for faster results; however, it will still work if you don’t do this.

Top up the glass/jar daily making sure you change the water completely once a week.

Be patient.

Sometimes you see no change for 6-8 weeks before the roots start growing, and a shoot comes out of the top. You will start to see the seed splitting in the middle making a circle split all the way round. Treat it carefully, its preparing to grow and making room for the root and stem to come out.

After around 2 months you’ll see the root growing. Make sure you move it to a taller jar or glass if there’s  not enough room for it. 

Once the roots are 6 inches long your avocado tree is ready to plant. Either do this in a pot or if you have a garden you can do it directly into the ground if you live in a warm country. If you’re potting the tree, then use a 50/50 blend of topsoil and coir.