Love Gang Laughs

Being vegan can hold a pretty heavy weight on your shoulders, so don't forget to laugh once in a while.

Protina Plenty & Dicky Bird here with some real news that's not made up at all. 


New scientific technology translates cow's moo's to English.


New documentary just out "Seaspiracy" on Netflix, Dicky and Protina talk to a real sustainable fisherman to know what's really going on. 


News just in, Vegan WOMEN Athlete, how will she do at sports? 

Also charity event raises money for the dogs and cats. 


Next up, Oil companies furious over loss of profit due to oil spill. 


In other totally real not made up news..

NO more Cows! That's right, vegans make cows extinct. 



And of course .... the BLOOPERS!

Try not to laugh at this one.