When the warriors cook

Join the Love Gang Warriors for some fun as well as a little bit of cooking. 

Richard and Heather try a handful of different dishes, some of which actually work out, Wehey! 

 Give these a go, good luck! 

 Vegan Wellington

We have the perfect Christmas day dinner for everyone. Its impossible for someone not to like this, vegan or not. Enjoy guys and happy holidays from us. 

Vegan & Gluten Free Paella

Paella anyone? This vegan paella is a great filling dish. the bread we're not so sure about, but if you get the dance time and cooking time ratio correct then yours might turn out okay. 
Don't forget to fiesta amigos! 


You don't always have to cook. Sometimes the best curry, is a take out! 

Give yourselves a break once in a while. Check these two out, and Rich gives away his first 10/10! Shame its not Heathers cooking that got it. 



Vegan Chinese Style Tofu Bowl (Gluten Free)

How annoying is it when you go to a recipe and you need 100 things? Well this ones easy. All you need is a few things from the cupboard and some good ol fashion dance moves.



Vegan Bourguignon with Potatoes and Parsnips (GF) 

This vegan bourguignon is in Heather's words, a bit like a "posh stew". Its a true winter warmer and perfect for Christmas with a few sprouts thrown in of course. 

This one will have the carnivores heads turning we promise! 




Vegan & GF Pancakes

That's right, pancakes (yey)! 

They might not look that pretty, but they're filled with goodness, taste great and don't take long to make. 

These pancakes are great for breakfast to kick start your day. 

Lets hope you get more than a 6/10 


Vegan "Meatball" Sub

You read right. This vegan meatball sub is quick & easy..... literally anyone can make this (even Rich). Sometimes we just crave that junk food and this is as good as any for those exact moments. 


Vegan Gluten Free Brownie

Where do we get our protein did you say? These brownies will fool anyone, especially the kids into eating their beans! They're great to make a bunch and keep in the fridge for breakfasts, snacks or pudding. The kids won't even notice the difference. Now that's one way of getting them to eat them to eat healthy. 


Soy Lettuce Rolls Starter 

If you're having people over and want a nice starter or finger food this is a great little recipe to impress the guests that wont get you stressed. Minus the dancing and this meal doesn't take more than ten mins to make. 


One Pot Pasta! 

How many pots was that? Just the one?  

This dish is super easy, comforting and always goes down a treat. We made this for a new years eve party and everyone loved it.

Its not only perfect for the night, but even better for a hangover recovery. 

You're welcome gang. 


Vegan protein balls marinara 

These protein balls are surprisingly filling and pretty easy to make if you actually know how to use your blender (unlike some of us). 

Tip: This sauce is great to put with any kind of pasta too. 


Vegan Warrior Pie

Well what else are warriors supposed to eat? 

Most of the work here is having to follow the actual video, and if you can do that then you're in for a treat, because this pie is Delicious (with a capital D). 

We didn't even make it to the scores but can tell you now that this was a 9. 


Vegan Warrior Winter Stew

Last but not least, we present to you... the vegan warrior winter stew. 

Now you thought that the vegan pie was a tough one to follow? Now we're really going to test you. 

Don't forget the main ingredient.... a bandanna... yes a bandanna... don't ask, just watch. 

Good luck gang!