Tara Lucas

go vegan, caged chickens, vegan.
It’s sunny today and I can tell
I have been pushed close enough to the door to be able to
breath through the cracks that allow little rays of sun
to shimmer through.
I have longed to feel grass beneath my feet
And the wind rush past my face.
It’s hot in here
Musky and crowded
I know every face
One born every minute they say
Whilst that might be true
It’s more like one dies every minute in here.
Sarah died last week
She fell asleep and beneath our feet she was trampled
I had to stand in her corpse for three days
Until somebody finally came
and dragged her out by the legs
Poor Sarah
At least she died in her sleep
Not hung by her legs flapping in fear.
This poem is in memory of the 10,000 chickens who were murdered on the M25 in St Albans on October 1st. Activists tried to save them as they were no longer "fit for human consumption" after the crash, but police didn't let them go. 
We are so sorry for the suffering and pain caused by humans. Rest in peace little ones.  

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